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Influx of Pharmaceutical Investment to Singapore

Driven by strong demand for vaccines, investment in Singapore’s biomedical industry has reached new levels. According to the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore drew S$968 million in biomedical net asset investment (NAI) in 2021, over 2.5 times more than the cumulative total for 2019 and 2020, accounting for over 11%...

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Chemical industry bounces back as pandemic eases

After a dismal 2020, the chemical industry has made a comeback on strengthening demand and disruption of energy supply. As economies emerged from national lockdowns and severe restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic, oil prices soared as demand rose as supply had failed to keep pace. In October 2021, the benchmark Brent crude breached....

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ASPRI – A Key Player in the Chemical Eco-system

Expansion of Singapore’s chemical industry over the last three decades has been phenomenal. From under S$20 billion in the early 90s, the industry’s annual manufacturing output rose nearly fivefold to over S$100 billion at its height. Today, Singapore is a leading chemical hub and home to some of the world’s largest chemical plants...

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Danny Chua
Association of process industry (ASPRI)

"Established on 13 March 1997, ASPRI turned 25 this year. From its modest beginning the fledgling association with some 50 members is now nearly 600-member strong with a well-tuned secretariat undertaking initiatives to advance the best interests of the Process industry, raising its stature within the chemical industry. ASPRI’s achievements are due in no small measure to the strong stewardship of past presidents, the immense support from members and the good counsel of government agencies, plant owners and partners. Through working together much has been achieved".

Josephine Moh
Vice President
Singapore Economic Development Board

"My heartiest congratulations to ASPRI in celebrating its 25th anniversary! ASPRI has been an important partner in ensuring the continued success and safety of both the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector as well as the Energy & Chemicals (E&C) industry. ASPRI played a pivotal role in driving the industry’s growth and development over the years, working with many partners across PCM companies, plant owners, government agencies and other trade associations". 

Esther Xu
Marine & Offshore, Energy & Chemicals, Enterprise SingaporE

"My heartiest congratulations to ASPRI on your 25th anniversary. The Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector has been a critical ecosystem partner to the growth and success of Singapore’s Energy & Chemicals (E&C) sector anchored around Jurong Island. ASPRI, as the lead Trade Association representing the PCM players, driven by its core values of “Connect, Engage and Grow”, displayed steadfastness in fostering strong public private partnerships to bring about capability building, promote safety and raise productivity levels within the PCM sector which contributed to attracting E&C investments into Singapore". 

Catherine Chong
SMEs Go Digital, IMDA

"Businesses today require agility, to be able to continually evolve in the face of constant disruption. Over the past years, the global pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions among businesses. Coupled with the rise of Industry 4.0, continued disruption brought about by technological innovation is moving the Process Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector towards integration of workflows so as to better facilitate overall efficiencies, namely in rapid productions and cost savings". 


Cindy Koh
Energy & Chemicals Cluster, JTC

"ASPRI plays a significant role in advancing the interests of the PCM sector, through fostering close collaboration between its members, government, and plant owners. This year, ASPRI is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the association, and also express our appreciation for ASPRI’s commitment in supporting the sector’s growth and transformation amid Singapore’s recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. I am heartened to see that ASPRI has emerged stronger than before".

Loh Gek Khim
Industry Development Division 1, SkillsFuture SingaporE

"ASPRI has been an invaluable partner to SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) in the workforce development of the Process, Construction and Maintenance (PCM) sector. The continued impact from the COVID-19 pandemic last year, and recent signs of economic recovery, have created a greater impetus for ASPRI to prepare the PCM workforce to take advantage of the sector’s transformation, particularly towards digitalisation and sustainability in tandem with the emerging global and local trends".

Anderson Ee
Director of Manufacturing Division
Workforce Singapore

"ASPRI continues to play a pivotal role in supporting the PCM sector by facilitating manpower and business transformation initiatives. WSG remains heartened to have ASPRI’s support and partnership for the Career Conversion Programme and Support for Job Redesign under Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG-JR), which supports employers to accelerate hiring and create good and long-term jobs for locals. ASPRI has also helped to facilitate key meetings between industry partners and WSG to help drive manpower reskilling and upskilling discussions".

Lim Keng Yang
WSH Council (Chemical Industries) Committee

"The Association of Process Industry (ASPRI) has been a supportive and avid partner of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council, in building workplace safety and health (WSH) capability for the process construction and maintenance (PCM) industry". This year was off to a rocky start, with an alarming spate of fatal accidents occurring in April and May. Ministry of Manpower (MOM), WSH Council, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), and various industry associations have called on companies to conduct a Safety Time-Out (STO)".  

Association of Process Industry (ASPRI)

Find out more about ASPRI Secretariat Report and member section now.

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